As the political parties spend the rest of 2015 whittling down their nominations for president, one of the issues at the forefront of the election is Obamacare and health insurance in Texas ( and nationwide. The question is pretty straightforward when it comes to the Democratic and Republican divide. Democrats want to keep it and… Read More

Being self-employed gives you the chance to take control, do what you’re good at and finally enjoy a job that uses your talents. However, you’ll also be responsible for purchasing your own health insurance in Texas; we will make that easy for you by visiting For many folks this is a scary thought if… Read More

Paying for your own health insurance in Texas has never proven to be an issue. Whether the money was simply deducted from your paycheck on a regular basis or you have never found the cost a financial burden, you’ve been in a good spot until now. At this point, however, you need to find health… Read More