Being self-employed gives you the chance to take control, do what you’re good at and finally enjoy a job that uses your talents. However, you’ll also be responsible for purchasing your own health insurance in Texas; we will make that easy for you by visiting For many folks this is a scary thought if you’ve always had health insurance in Texas supplied by your employer. The best thing you can do is to learn about health insurance in Texas, how to choose a healthcare plan and where to find health insurance in Texas.

Choosing a Plan for Your Health Insurance in Texas

When searching for health insurance in Texas, you should evaluate each plan and what it covers. Healthcare plans can vary, so be sure to check available treatments and services in each plan. Texas plans are required to cover the following types of services:

• Pediatric Services
• Wellness and Preventative Services
• Laboratory Services
• Rehabilitative Services
• Prescription Drugs
• Substance and Mental Health Services
• Newborn and Maternity Care
• Surgery and Hospitalization
• Emergency Services

Plan Costs

Of course, plans covering more services typically cost more because you’re receiving more. However, the cost of health insurance in Texas can vary greatly depending upon the service provider you sign with. It’s definitely worth taking the time to do careful research on prices before signing up for any services.

All health plans have premiums, which are usually paid monthly. You’ll also have a deductible amount (out-of-pocket expenses) that must be paid before insurance providers cover the remainder of each bill. If you choose a higher deductible, your premiums usually cost a bit less. Some health insurance in Texas may have a combination of premiums, deductibles, copayments or coinsurance.

Network Services

Give some thought to the network providers included in plans you’re considering. Network providers are the doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, x-ray centers and laboratories that provide services within the plan you select. Most folks focus on whether their doctor and hospital are part of the plan they select.


Since The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has become effective, there have been a number of changes in health insurance in Texas and around the country that would be helpful for you to be aware of.

• During an open enrollment period, you cannot be denied federal health coverage.

• Premium rates are now determined by geographical locations, age of the person and tobacco use.

• Pre-existing conditions are not a cause for concern when applying for health insurance in Texas. You cannot be denied health coverage because of any pre-existing conditions.

• Self-employed people must purchase a health insurance plan unless they meet exemption requirements or qualify for Medicare.

• Self-employed premiums are deductible on Federal Income Tax.

Where to Find Health Insurance in Texas

• Individual coverage can be purchased directly through an insurer.

• Insurance can be purchased through an agent licensed to sell health insurance.

• You can shop for and purchase health insurance in Texas from

• If your spouse has health insurance in Texas, you might qualify for coverage on her policy.

• Professional groups like alumni groups, associations, churches or a variety of trade groups may offer health insurance in Texas.

• COBRA health coverage is available for purchase by some ex-employers. However, it only last for 18 months and can be costly.

When considering your families health care needs, it is generally helpful to make a list of prescriptions, monthly doctor visits, lab costs and other medical bills to get a clear picture of your average costs before selecting your health insurance in Texas.